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What is SLEX
SLEX is the native utility token of the SLEX Centralized Exchange.
As buyback and burning plans have been implemented, SLEX has entered into absolute deflation. As an important part of the Slavi Ecosystem, SLEX can be used in VIP tier escalation, trading fee debits, participation in exclusive activities and more. SLEX will also increasingly empower SLEX with more applications and use cases to improve its intrinsic value.
The real customer-oriented proposal from native exchange ability
SLEX Income Cycle
Staking SLEX
Trading Fees
Passive Income Fees
SLEX Token
SLEX Holders Income
Early Investment Access
The SLEX Launchpad gives you early investment access to up-and-coming projects
Impressive Rewards
Holding SLEX gives you access to SLEX rewards, private circle tickets, and more
Earn Passive Income
Stake to earn with SLEX to enjoy value-added income
KOL Cooperation
Use SLEX as collateral for more collaboration opportunities
Special Offers
Hold SLEX and get access to exclusive gifts and prizes
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Trading Fee
Pay with SLEX to get a 20% discount on all trading fees
5.0 %
36.0 %
10.0 %
1.25 %
8.75 %
4.0 %
60 mln. SLEX
20 mln. SLEX
80 mln. SLEX
144 mln. SLEX
40 mln. SLEX
5 mln. SLEX
35 mln. SLEX
16 mln. SLEX
Team/ Advisors
Private Sale
Liquidity Treasure
Public Sale
60 mln. SLEX
20 mln. SLEX
64 mln. SLEX
160 mln. SLEX
40 mln. SLEX
16 mln. SLEX
20 mln. SLEX
20 mln. SLEX
Token Burn Function
Use and Burn
The SLEX Auto-Burn mechanism adjusts the amount of SLEX to be burned based on crypto and commodity trading volumes and SLEX token usage during the quarter. This offers greater transparency and predictability to the community. Burning of SLEX tokens will be public with proof of burn.
SLEX uses an Auto-Burn system to reduce total supply
Quantity Deficit
SLEX = Burn and Buy-Back
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